Virus Flak Jacket


At Rethink Associates we remove a ton of viruses. In fact, over 65% of our business last year came from doing virus removals. We have continued to offer virus removals at the same price, and with the same terms since almost the beginning of the business – $125 flat rate with a 30 day warranty against any reinfection of the virus.

Our warranty terms are the most generous we have found anywhere, and we have checked. With a 30 day warranty, we offer a warranty longer than most of of our competition. 

This warranty had created a problem, though. Viruses come and go in waves unsurprisingly, and while not every computer is hit by every virus, we see a influx of virus removal jobs every 1 – 3 months. With viruses coming in waves like this, we often end up getting calls from people, some just past their warranty, at the 35 or 40 day mark, who get hit by whatever the latest virus is, but feel burned for needing to pay another $125 to get the new virus removed.

So, starting today, we are are pleased to announce our newest service offering -  virus insurance. With your virus removal, for $20*/month, you can now purchase virus insurance. There is no contract, and you can cancel whenever you want, but as long as you subscribe to the service we will remove any viruses you get for FREE! Our intention is to better serve our customers by reducing costs, help us reduce warranty issues, and continue to prove we stand by our work. So call us and ask us about our virus insurance plan and if it’s right for you!

* - Cost based on Month to Month service calculated as 1st-FINAL day of Calendar Month. Mid months Signups are appropriately prorated. Cancellations are NOT prorated, as service availability will continue through final day of month of cancellation.

* - $20 to be paid via Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal or Amazon Payments All card based, Paypal and Amazon payments incur a $.90 transaction fee, totaling to $20.90 each month.