CEO, Head Geek, Unapologetic Nerd

Shawn's love affair and passion for computers, gaming and technology was birthed during a visit to his father at a very early age, when he first put an Atari 2600 controller in his hands, and has been tech obsessed since. From Atari's grand beginnings to the age of quad core smartphones, wearable tech and UltraHD TV, and the bright future beyond, he examines how today's tech pushes the boundaries of our imagination, challenges and changes the dynamics of personal interaction, and the waves new tech makes through the social and consumer seas.



Tech, Social Media, Undeniable Geek

Chris has always been fascinated with Tech, always trying to keep up with the latest trends in gadgetry. Growing up his love of tech started with video games, beginning with the NES in the '80s and playing the ColecoVision at his Grandmother’s. While always a hobby growing up, that hobby has now become a passion, and that has brought him to Rethink Associates. His passion for tech has led him to want to educate people on tech while keeping their devices and computers in working order to ensure get the best experience out of their tech.



Creative Director

Sarah has a passion for design and user interfaces. And she is awesome. Just ask her. With a keen eye for design and a passion for marketing, she works like a machine.








Operations Director


Melissa keeps me sane. And all the paperwork in order. She helps me keep my schedule straight, manages to not go crazy through the process, and she still keeps a smile on her face. Most days. Well, some days.