Did you know that the average tablet user spends 90 minutes a day on their tablet? That probably explains why we see so many tablets with broken screens. You should only sit on them for five minutes at most, people!

Tablets have been making a surge in popularity recently, which you must know. And with a surge in tablet popularity comes a surge in need for tablet repair. Since they've become more popular, we've see them all the time with problems ranging from broken tablet screens, broken buttons, broken front cameras and broken back cameras, water damage - you name it. Life happens, and tablets are designed to be carried with you through life, which means that life can sometimes happen very aggressively to your tablet. Whether you have a iPad, Google Nexus tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or a Motorola or HP tablet in need of repair, we know how it works and we can help you fix it. If your tablet isn't listed here, it's just because we're trying to find the best parts to offer. Check back soon!. We have the connections to get your tablet fixed for you again.

So if your tablet needs repair from its broken screen to its busted buttons, give us here at Rethink Associates a look!