Holiday 2014 Laptop Advice

Overall experience of ownership is one very important factor when buying a laptop. Laptops endure a great deal of stress due to their small form factor, limited airflow and being transported. So when you make the decision to buy one, it is important to know who has a reputation for great overall experiences. Thankfully, Laptop Magazine has done the work for us.. The study, which looked at a number of factors, ranks the overall experience with each laptop. Apple comes out on top, which would be expected of a company who's products on average cost more than double their competitors'. As you can see, if you can afford to or are willing to pay the price of admission, Apple rules the roost. Lenovo & ASUS are right up there as well, as they have been for the last couple years. 

The Apple MacBook Air 11.6"


MacBook Air 11"

Not only is this the best MacBook Air deal of Black Friday, but it's also the best MacBook Air deal of all time. It's beats our MacBook Air Black Friday price prediction by $19 and unlike most MacBook Air back-to-school sales we saw this summer, this deal doesn't require a valid .edu e-mail address.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

The Yoga 2 Pro addresses many of our complaints about the original, and is now one of the best touchscreen Ultrabooks you can buy, especially at this price. It's tough to argue with a machine that offers the same speed, durability and display quality as systems that cost hundreds of dollars more. And 


Office Depot also is offering some killer deals in Laptops and Computers worth Mentioning

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