Macintosh computers are amazing. To borrow a phrase from Steve Jobs, “They just work.” Everyone knows that Macs don’t get traditional viruses, unfortunately, on occasion your beloved iMac or Macbook Pro will need a little extra TLC. The Apple Techs here at Rethink Associates are highly skilled at repairing and troubleshooting all Apple Computer Problems. If you have Mac Problems, rare as they are, then go ahead and EMAIL US. Let us know what you need help with. 


Believe it or not Apples do have issues. While the hardware and design are impeccable, the software that’s written for them isn’t always perfect. One bad update to one program can cause system instability, or slow your MacBook to a crawl. At Rethink Associates Apple we can fix any software issue you have. We even take calls fron Apple Geniuses every now and then. Pretty cool, huh?


Every year there are new models of iMacs, MacBooks, and Power Macs. Just because Cupertino introduces a new product doesn’t mean the equipment you have now is any worse, right? One of the biggest problems with this product treadmill is what do you do if you need parts for an out-of-production Apple Product? At Rethink Associates we have “connections” with vendors all over the world, we can get parts for your Mac no matter when you bought it.


Why does Apple name their OS’s after cats? Ask one of our Tech on the phone, you might be surprised by the answer. If you have a Lion on your MacBook, or iMac and would like a Mountain Lion instead, we’ve got your back. The new updates aren’t going to be coming on traditional disks; you download them from the App Store. This is super-convenient as long as you have access to the store. But what if your hard drive failed? How would you get the latest Mac OS X installed? You can always call a Nerd! At Rethink Associates, we have every Operating System on disk and can have you up and running in no time. We can even show you how to burn a copy for yourself.


Macs do get viruses. In 2012 over half a million Macs were infected with a piece of Malware. I’d wager a lot of them are still infected. Mac OS X isn’t immune to viruses; it just has held a small market share for years. If you wrote malware for a living, and you made more money by infecting more computers, wouldn’t you infect millions of PCs since it’s the low hanging fruit? Now that Macs are starting to get more popular, you can bet the bad guys will be writing more malware for iMacs, MacBooks, and Power Macs than ever before. It’s better to get protected now, than have to deal with an expensive cleanup later. There are free programs that won’t slow down your system, so you have nothing to lose. Give Rethink Associates a call to get you protected.


Alright, for years you haven’t had to worry about this stuff, so you have a good excuse. But now you’ve got an infection on your MacBook. What do you do, how do you get rid of it? Well the short answer is you give Rethink Associates Apple  a call to come over and fix it. We’ll remove your infection and get you protected all in one visit.


Did you know every Mac had almost 10GB of data installed in the system for things like Arabic support, every printer ever made, and various other pieces that will never be of use to you? How about this, did you know your iMac, MacBook, or PowerMac doesn’t run at its fastest out of the box? A brand new Apple Computer can run faster with just a couple tweaks. We have a whole system, and can make your Mac run better than the engineers at Apple intended.


Even the most powerful Mac starts showing its age after a few years. As new programs come out the need for more resources increases. At Rethink Associates we can upgrade your Apple computer to run faster than ever. We carry a full inventory of Mac compatible hardware such as RAM and Hard Drives. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.