Rethink Associates provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for computers, personal electronics and home theater systems. I offer repair services for computers, gadgets and gizmos, televisions (TV), home audio and video products, digital imaging products. I also provide computer setup, computer gaming, networking, data backup, online data backup, data recovery, hardware and software upgrades, training and consultation, and iPod and MP3 services; and iPhone & Android phone setup and configuration support, TV setup and mounting, home theater install, speaker and media systems, component networking, remote control programming, TV calibration, and furniture assembly services. In addition, the company offers virus and spyware removal services for computers and laptops.


We believe that technology should not be a burden. Tech is here to make our lives easier. We also don't believe that IT is a dirty word. Your IT person shouldn't be some introverted, anti-social elitist who talks down to you or talks over your head in tech terms. He should be someone you have faith, trust and respect for, who works WITH you to help you understand the technology in your life in language that you can understand. 

That's where we come in. 

We aim to reinvent the concept of IT. We are technologists to the core, who are everyday people. We love working with people, and helping them understand how tech can improve their lives. And our customers' reviews show it. Terms like personable, friendly and knowledgeable are commonly used to refer to us by our customers. And we are very proud of that. So give us a chance to make a difference for you. Let us show you how we can make life easier, with a smile.