Sony PlayStation 4 & Xbox One 


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems are the next generation gaming consoles the world has been waiting for. The Playstation 4 is priced at $399.99. By a very large margin, the PS4 is the best selling of the current generation, having sold over 13.3 Million units. The Xbox One also retails for $399.99. With both systems running incredibly similar hardware, packing Blu-Ray players and 500GB HDD's, the choice boils down to game library and ecosystem preference. Check out the PS4 library and info HERE, and the Xbox One HERE.  


While these 2 sets are NOT Black Friday deals, we have to put both the Samsung F8500 and F5300 Plasmas on the list. There are a lot of TV's out there, but this year, you will NOT find a better deal in performance for cost. These are simply GORGEOUS DISPLAYS. I bought the F5300 this year, and could not be happier. There are 4K sets galore out there, but there is just NOT enough 4K content to justify the cost of those sets. These two sets, the F8500 and F5300, award winning sets that have been voted best display even this year at CEDIA, among a sea of OLED and LED sets. And given that no manufacturer is making Plasma sets after this year, this will be one of your last chances to grab one of these exceptional sets before stock is all gone. 


Samsung PNF8500 60" Plasma HDTV


The Samsung Smart Plasma TV F8500 is the ultimate picture you've been waiting for and the best performance offered by Samsung. Award winning display voted the finest picture you can get outside of the extremely expensive OLED range. 1080p, 600Hz Refresh Rate.  Available in 51", 60" and 64" Sizes.   $1,499.00 

Samsung PN60F8500 PLASMA


Samsung PNF5300 60" Plasma HDTV

While it packs the same display panel as it's big brother the F8500, the F5300 lacks the Smart Functionality and 3D. Same awesome display, fewer features. These feature exclusions save you $600. This TV is an Exceptional deal at $800.

Samsung PN60F5300 PLASMA

SAMSUNG UN40H6203 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV


Originally $579.99, this set will be only $379.99 for Black Friday. Look HERE  



With the Xbox One losing the console race, you can find some killer deals on the system with bundled games this holiday. Our favorite is the Assassin's Creed Bundle. With Microsoft eager to boost sales quickly, this is a deal available NOW. No need to wait for Black Friday. Grab a 500GB Xbox One system, and digital downloads of Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Black Flag. A value of $519, you can grab this bundle NOW for $349. Want to save an additional $20? Target will have the Bundle on Black Friday for $329