I received more than a few emails last year about not including the "Super Bargain", ultra cheap TV & Electronics deals last season. Many people wrote to let me in on specials from Insignia, Coby, RCA, Element, and a number of other TV's and Tablets that were almost 70% off. We are Technologists. In addition to helping you save money, we do it with Integrity. We do not think that an LCD TV that is on special for $200 that breaks 2 months later is a deal at all. It is cheap hardware that wasn't worth even the discounted price in the first place. We aim to help point out the best deals for your money. Deals on exceptional or great hardware that is WORTH your money. At Rethink, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are protected from making bad purchases.  Thank you for letting us know though.


PANASONIC 50" LED - 1080p - HDTV


You may think, HOLY CRAP!! A 50" LED TV for $200!?!?!? Correct. Because the picture quality is poor, with inaccurate colors and a very limited dynamic range. It's $200 because it did not sell well and Best Buy is dying to rid their stores of this turd. Best Buy will have 2-3 in each store, and people will FLOCK to the store to be one of the "Lucky Ones" to grab one. And once you are there, and don't get one, you will not want to have wasted the trip, and will likely purchase one of their other TV's, for more money, and significantly less of a deal. That is the psychology of Black Friday.


On to the actual deals.....