We build custom computers. And we are good at it. Very good. Why pay retail prices for computers from major companies that are mass manufactured by the thousands or millions? Most times with low quality components to drive down the cost. A computer is personal. You read your personal email, view photos, play games, invest, look at real estate, review your banking records, Why trust your personal information to a low grade system simply because you find it for only $299 at Walmart? A custom built computer is one designed around your needs, and here are some additional advantages:

  • Computers are not a one size fits all piece of equipment and the major manufacturers are aware of this which is why they have several different models available. We can design a custom built computer to your needs.
  • To improve profits manufacturers will use an all inclusive motherboard. These motherboards are not always appropriate and we can give you options.
  • A custom built computer can be less expensive for major upgrades in the future because many of the parts can be reusable from system to system. There have been times we only need to upgrade a motherboard and processor as the case, power supply, etc. is still working great and fulfills the clients needs.
  • Many components in a custom built computer can carry a longer warranty, some up to a lifetime warranty, from the manufacturer so if that memory chip does fail the replacement may be covered. This again can save you money in the long run.
  • A custom built computer can be designed with your future upgrades in mind. It can be frustrating to save up for the high end gaming video card only to find out that it won’t fit in the case, the motherboard can handle it properly or you have an improper power supply for it.
  • In the long run, custom built computers can save you money in the long run when planned properly from the beginning.

We build two different types of systems: Media Servers, and Performance Desktops. 



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