New important tool for protecting your Privacy..

Last week, a 30 year old man from London was convicted for installing spying software on women's computers and utilizing their webcams to spy on the women remotely. 

Aldrew Meldrum, 30, was convicted on 3 counts of unauthorized access to computer material and 2 counts of voyeurism, and will be sentenced on Monday, April 14th.  Under the ruse of helping them with computer troubles, Meldrum installed spying software to monitor the activities of the women in private. One of the victims, 21, call the police in November of 2012, as she had found software on her computer that allowed the webcam to be accessed remotely. The woman notified a friend of hers after the discovery, as the friend had also had work done by Meldrum, and she also found the software as well. She in turn told another friend whose computer he had worked on and, surprise surprise, she had it as well. Police estimate the software was installed and running for almost 15 months. 

This is far from the first time a problem like this has been discovered. These problems are more prevalent than most realizes, and you need to be prepared to deal with it. There are several things you can do to protect yourself. Here are a few:

1. Have your repairs performed by a respected, licensed company.

2. Look for technicians known to your friends and family, those with reputations for integrity. 

3. Take time to look through you computer after the repair, for programs or software you do not recognize. 

All of these are great ideas, but unfortunately, in today's world, you can never be too careful. Even following all these instructions, you could still run into problems. there is however, a tool you can buy that is incredibly effective in preventing unwanted webcam viewing. This highly technological tool has the ability to prevent unwanted viewing of your webcam no matter how hidden the software is, or the complexity of its design. This too will beat every piece of webcam spying software ever made. Whether it is a pervy snooper or the NSA, no one can beat it. You can buy it at almost any grocery store or Walmart, and surprisingly, it is incredibly inexpensive. It is called Electrical Tape. A small, 1/4"x1/4" square of electrical tape placed over the camera will block it completely. It is a simple, inexpensive fix that ensures you are protected no matter what. 

Electrical Tape. Buy you some. 

Electrical Tape. Buy you some.