Netflix's new exclusive animated series begins Christmas Eve

For those parents among us who are interested i this sort of thing, if you were a fan of Turbo, then get ready. Netflix is launching their own exclusive animated series spinoff based on Turbo, named Turbo FAST, starting Christmas Eve.. 

On December 24th, the first five episodes of Turbo FAST go live on Netflix in the US, Canada, Ireland, Latin America and the UK, while the rest of the season will go live at unnamed intervals during 2014. As such, we'd suggest meting out those first five episodes sparingly, lest the little ones demand more before more are available. Start your engines.....

Who needs a Turkey Timer?? Netflix has it covered..

Who wants to spend all that time converting weight in pounds to hours and minutes? Netflix put together this actually quite handy playlist, giving you an on-demand tool to turn cook time into couch time. Bet you didn't think of that 16-pound gobbler as "Thor plus Forrest Gump" when you hoisted it in your shopping cart. Just don't get so engrossed in Happy Gilmore that you forget about the mashed potatoes.