Reinventing the iPhone....

Rumors have floated for 3 years that Apple was designing and testing larger screens on the iPhone, but many felt it was always more speculation than truth. Especially with Apple's continued adherence publicly to their claims that consumers did not want anything bigger than the iPhone's current screen. However, as more and more "leaks" and talk surfaced, the industry has wondered. 

Bigger iPhones coming? We hope so!

Bigger iPhones coming? We hope so!

If an article from the usually reliable Bloomberg is on point, Apple is indeed working on 2 new models for release in the latter half of 2014, both with larger displays with glass that curves downward at the edges. Though their source declined attribution because these details are not public, they also stated the phones will be equipped with more advanced touchscreen sensors that are pressure sensitive and can "distinguish heavy or light touches on the screen". The screens are to clock in at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, putting them in the range of the HTC One and Galaxy Note 3 screens respectively. 

With revenues for Apple on the rise, but profits at their lowest since 2011, it is the perfect time for Apple to rethink one of the few areas where they have not remained even remotely competitive with the demands of users in the market: Screen Size. As Apple has watched their market share in the smartphone arena drop drastically over 4 years, they have continued to innovate like mad scientists, packing many amazing features and patented technologies in the iPhone. But one area they have never budged on was screen width. All the while, the competition chipped away at their user base, as consumers increasingly looking for their phones to start replacing their computers.  

This news should be more than eyebrow raising to Apple's competition though, because as Apple has proven time and again, when they set their mind to truly innovate and improve a product, they do it faster, more powerful and with a sense of style that has consumers BEGGING them to take their money.