Gamestop's Black Friday Sale Ad LEAKS

Though there still has not been any comment from retailer GameStop whether the rumored deals are true, observers are considering the possible truth in what apparently is a leaked image showing the upcoming Black Friday Sale deals from the company.

According to industry follower Gamespot, the ad first appeared at, and now even third-party discount sites like BlackFriday have treated the leaked image as an ad scan. If the deals shown in the image are true, then gaming fans and hardcore players alike will have a chance to score some massive deals on GameStop's Black Friday Event.

Highlighted on the discount ad are the console bundles for both Xbox One and PS4. For about $300 each, players can take advantage of the packaged 500-GB Xbox One and "Gears of War Ultimate Bundle," as well as a 500-GB PlayStation 4 and the "Uncharted Collection Bundle."

For Nintendo fans, there is also a GameStop exclusive Ike Amiibo on sale for $13. The flyer also indicates that some rare Amiibo figurines are already back on stock in the retailer's shop, although the ad does not indicate which rare figures would be made available. However, as the Black Friday Sale event is for both brick-and-mortar stores and the online GameStop shop, fans who may not make it to the sale can check out the available discounted figures, as well as other items, on the GameStop website.

To celebrate the new addition to the "Star Wars" games franchise, the Black Friday Sale event will also have a "Star Wars: Battlefront" savings bundle. Every purchase of the new "Star Wars" title will give buyers $30 off on one of the five Electronic Arts games – "Madden NFL 16," "FIFA 16," "NHL 16," "Dragon Age: Inquisition," and the new "Need for Speed" reboot.

According to the ad, the GameStop Black Friday event will happen from Nov. 27 until Sunday, Nov. 29.