Google expands Fiber Network in Kansas


If you missed out last September by not getting your registration in for the Google Fiber network in Kansas City, never fear. Google is looking to expand on it's existing service areas in KC, as well as move the service into more communities. Currently, Google is servicing 180 neighborhood, or "Fiberhoods" as Google calls them, with blazing fast Fiber internet. Starting now, Google is growing them, by allowing those in existing Fiberhoods to sign up for the service by December 22nd, for installation in the Spring. In addition, they are expanding their fiber to the communities of Gladstone, Grandview, Kansas City North, South Kansas City and Raytown with an opportunity to sign up in March. Fiberhoods are neighborhoods in which Google is able to generate enough registrations for the service within a few week period to qualify the area for deployment of the very expensive fiber infrastructure. 

For those unfamiliar with what Google Fiber is, here is a breakdown. The average american has internet speeds around 8.7Mbps. In Springfield MO currently, the fastest consumer provider is Mediacom, with speeds up to 30Mbps. Google Fiber is a Gigabit service, or 1000Mbps, roughly 33 ties as fast as Mediacom's 30Mbps service.