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Put Android Wear on Your Wrist for $100, Plus More Wearables

The current crop of Android Wear smart watches certainly isn't perfect, but the LG G Watch was actually a pretty good first attempt. If you're curious how a smart watch might fit into your life, you can score one from Verizon's online store right now for just $100. [LG G Watch, $100]

If you think you'd prefer the cross-platform capabilities and long battery life of the Pebble, they're back on sale as well.

Just want your wearable to act as a fitness trainer, rather than a full-fledged computer?


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As you prepare to go do your Holiday Shopping, it helps to know where some of the best bargains are. Here are some of the absolute best deals we have found!


If you think of Target credit as money, this is the best price so far on the iPad Air. If you prefer a straight discount, Best Buy has the same model for $450, also in white

Gaming Top Deals


Staples will have the HP Chromebook 14 for $180, but don't buy it. For only $20 more, the 2GB version of the Acer C720 is a much better, Haswell-equipped choice. Its 4GB brother is one of the best Chromebook and best budget laptop deals out there. 




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