Sony says Thank You to PSN Customers in 2014..

While PlayStation Plus has been working overtime for a year to really bring value to the $49.99 annual cost for it's premium service. A selection of FREE games each month has been one of those perks for a while. But in Quarter 1 2014, Sony outdoes themselves, with some stellar offerings for the month of January.

Starting the Lineup of Freebies, PS3 owners can look forward to the STELLAR Bioshock Infinite, a critically acclaimed and award winning title in the Bioshock series. One of the few games to tackle complex and uncomfortable themes like racism, religion and idealism, and show the ugly side of all. Definitely an immersive and thought provoking experience, it is never afraid to push buttons and never pulls a single punch. This is not just a good or GREAT game, it is an essential game that everyone should experience, gamer or not. PS3 owners will also get Devil May Cry: DMC, with new skills and visuals, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a truly innovative title that has people playing the part of two brothers at the same time, using an analog stick for each. 

PS4 owners can look forward to the Visual Treat that is Don't Starve. The beautifully cell shaded art style, it is a truly innovative game that mixes adventure, action, and RPG elements. 

And if you have a PlayStation Vita, the socially networked brain trainer Smart As.. will challenge your mental capacity and problem solving skills while comparing your accomplishments and failures to your friends'. And Worms hits the Vita too, for more annihilation and mayhem. 

January is shaping up to be a fantastic start for PlayStation Plus members.