Target takes Instagram Commercial: Welcome to The Awesome Shop


Target is currently testing an e-commerce storefront that is powered by your pins on Pinterest, called “Target Awesome Shop.” This new site, refreshed daily, is a collection of data from Target’s own online store and the social network. Today, it features Target products that have proven to be the most pinned items on Pinterest and have the top reviews from The new shop may grow to include other social networks in the future, the company says. With over 1,000 items on the new site currently, it shows no signs of slowing down. Items are flagged with "top pinned" or "highly reviewed". 

The Awesome Shop website was hacked together in just a couple of weeks by an in-house development team called the RAD (Rapid Accelerated Development) group – a small team who can quickly build, deploy and test new initiatives like this socially powered shopping experience.

The retailer has already embraced the Pinterest platform itself, maintaining 45 regularly updated boards featuring everything from general product categories (Home, Style, Food & Drink, etc.) to those specially aimed at the Pinterest crowd in search of tips, ideas, and how-to’s. There are several seasonal boards, too, promoting holiday items and activities, as well as a “Pins You Love” board which already aggregated the top pinned items. Pretty Awesome Indeed..