Mimo - The Smart Baby Monitor

So the show stealing product at CES this year turned out not to be a new UHDTV, Laptop or Tablet. It wasn't even one of the many, many smart watches and bracelets on display. No, the hot item that stole the show was a new baby monitor tech called Mimo. 

The Mimo unit is a specially designed cloth Onesie called the Mimo Kimono has small contacts that measure your infant’s respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level. The Kimono has a slot for inserting the "Lilypad and Turtle" accessory, and according to Mimo:" The Mimo Lilypad connect the Turtle to your home’s WiFi, allowing us to process your baby’s information in real-time using our algorithms. The Lilypad also has a microphone, allowing Mimo to stream your baby’s sounds to your smartphone in real-time. It also comes with a VERY gimmicky Coffee Mug for parents, with LED's in it, that displays little faces on it to indicate baby's current status. Because I know we are all always in the kitchen having a mug of coffee while baby sleeps. Aside from the mug, the entire concept is incredibly cool, but I am not entirely sold that this hardware would not be uncomfortable of disturbing to the baby. However, this is NOT another corporate scheme. This product was developed and tested quite rigorously by a team of parents in Boston. Which gives me hope for a couple of reasons:

- It's American made. By actual Parents. So this is not some foreign product company trying to push a product into consumer space for profit. This is a group of admittedly the most finicky and picky , elitist consumers in the world, Americans, designing a product themselves. This is a true "Internet of Things" product sure to cause buzz. 

- This was actually built and tested with their own kids fist. 

So there may be hope for the product. If it is not as cumbersome and disruptive to baby as it seems, then this could be a runaway success. We will see. 

Check the link HERE for the Mimo Site, and the gallery below.