Best Buy's Black Friday Deals just went LIVE!!

While a lot of retailers offer basically the same stuff at basically the same prices on Black Friday, Best Buy had quite a few advertised deals that were head and shoulders above the pack, and you can get them right now.

Of course, there are plenty of other Black Friday deals that are already live around the web, so be sure to watch our page for more!!


The Best Black Friday Deals


Jingle Bells & Retail Sales...

Holiday Sales are already here...

Holiday Sales are already here...

As we approach the holiday buying season, there is a lot of information to process. And this year we have even less time to make all those holiday purchases. The buying season begins with Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. Last year in 2012, Thanksgiving Day fell on November 22, giving shoppers and sellers a full 31 days of shopping before Santa began his rounds Christmas Eve. However, this year, Thanksgiving falls on November 28 which drops the shopping period to only 25 days. That’s a tough break for small stores that need every hour of holiday sales time in order to make their year.

For those who hate the late holiday rushes, note this*: Hanukkah begins the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 28), 11 days earlier than in 2012. While we may not think of Hanukkah as a major influence on the shopping season, in this instance it may vary well be. It shifts the time that retailers are expecting more traffic. Meaning that retailers are expected to start big promotions as early as the day after HALLOWEEN. 

NPD predicts an increase in Online purchases this year

NPD predicts an increase in Online purchases this year

And to make matters even worse, the way the calendar falls this year there will only be 4 shopping weekends instead of 5 this year. This is a big blow given that the weekends are the the golden ticket for retailers. Bill Martin over at ShopperTrak says that consumers are just not ready to splurge.  While ShopperTrak anticipates a 2.4% increase in retail sales this year, they expect a definite decline in traffic. Meaning that instead of hitting many stores for specials, shoppers will more than likely be doing their homework in advance, and picking a couple large stores that have the most deals. 

The takeaway here is that NOW is the time to start planning for your holiday deals. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, K-Mart, Bed-Bath & Beyond, and many other retailers already put out Holiday Shopping guides and Holiday Deals catalogs in last Sunday's paper. And knowing how busy the holidays can be, how tight wallets are, and that many people HATE holiday shopping in crowds, Rethink is going to be highlighting some of the very best tech deals, and hot items for Christmas starting with this morning and going all the way to Thanksgiving Day, culminating with a Holiday Checklist on Thanksgiving day for you to print off, With all these hot items grouped by store, listing the price and details. Are you ready for the holidays? Because they are fast approaching.. 


HDX? Amazon gets serious..

   Jeff Bezos and company announced the latest version(s) of the Kindle line yesterday. The Kindle Fire HDX tablets, one with a 7-inch 1920×1200 screen and another with an 8.9-inch 2560×1600 display, are absolutely gorgeous, and powering all that screen real estate are 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processors and 2GB of RAM,  making them significantly more powerful than the last generation of the Kindle. But the feature that Amazon is most excited about is the new "Mayday" button, that promises real, in-person tech support via live video chat on your device within 15 seconds of being pressed . Truly unique and intriguing. Powerful and beautiful,  they are sure to be very hot sellers this holiday.