Apple Finally Updates Aging Hardware in a Big Way

Apple did it. Upgraded iMacs and faster MacBook Pros were among the buzz on June 5, 2017. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the stage for Apple to excite developers and prepare the world for new product releases. They didn’t disappoint. Apple relayed six primary announcements with plenty of interesting details to get us hooked. Yes, iOS 11 is coming and the Apple WatchOS will hit number 4. Yes, Amazon’s video service will be out soon for Apple TV–WOOHOO! Yes, a New macOS (High Sierra) is coming this fall (sporting a new file system). Yes, new iPad Pro models are hitting the streets, along with some iMac upgrades that were highly anticipated, but the two most exciting things for us were: iMac Pro and changes to AppleCare+ for MacBook Pro models in particular. The iMac Pro looks amazing is its space grey exterior, but should really please high end users with plenty of power inside. The AppleCare+ revision wasn’t really touted at WWDC but adds some accidental damage coverage (with deductibles) to the notebook lineup. Check it out here.

iMac Pro: Up to 18-Cores, Radeon Pro Vega w/ Up to 22 Teraflops.. Nuts..

We are also waiting for Apple’s step into the smart home speaker market with their grand finale unveiling of HomePod. HomePod looks amazing and is something we will be covering as soon as we get one in our stores.

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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar


HomePod from Apple