Windows 10 getting Notification Mirroring with Android through Cortana

We’ve always wondered where Microsoft and Google were taking Cortana integration ever since it happened. Now we sort of know – you know that cool thing with Macs and iPhones where all your notifications are synced and available when both your smartphone and laptop are on the same WiFi network? Well, it looks like this will be available with Windows 10-powered laptops and Android devices soon.

At Build 2016, Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Microsoft’s Andrew Bares and Thomas Fennel showed off some new features of Windows 10’s Action Center. The most notable of those was the new notification syncing capabilities – called Notification Mirroring and Universal Dismiss. Through the use of Cortana, Android device users can “mirror” notifications on their smartphone to their Windows 10-powered PC. See the video below.


For example, if a Twitter notification comes up on your Android phone, Cortana mirrors this to your PC, so you can be aware that a Twitter notification came up, even if you don’t have Twitter open on your laptop or desktop. With Universal Dismiss, these notifications can also be dismissed via your Windows 10 PC and they will be dismissed on your Android smartphone as well.

Microsoft said that developers will not need to implement these features into their apps, as it is getting automatic support. On the flip side, Microsoft will allow developers to disable some notifications from getting mirrored, and if devs want to implement Universal Dismiss, just a single line of code will need to be added to their apps. There has been no timeframe yet on when this will get launched, but it is pretty exciting.