Playstation VR: Complete list of games confirmed to support VR

PlayStation VR, Sony's very own virtual reality (VR) offering, will be released sometime this year, and players are already looking at what titles will be made available for the new headset.

Considering the fact that the PlayStation VR headset itself has yet to make its debut, getting a good grasp on its games could be a difficult task, although there are some noteworthy titles that stand out from the pack.

One of the PlayStation VR games players can look forward to is "Rigs Mechanized Combat League," according to What Culture.

"Rigs Mechanized Combat League" combines elements of a sports game along with those found in sci-fi titles and puts all of that inside a futuristic setting. The end result is a game that allows players to take control of robots as they engage in a spirited game of futuristic basketball.

Next up is another sci-fi entry, but this time, players will be on their own as they attempt to survive in space.

In "Adr1ft," players are faced with the task of trying to survive after the space station they had been living in was destroyed. Players are presented with numerous puzzles they must solve in order to progress further, and they must figure out all of them while they continue to struggle with dropping oxygen levels and chaotic surroundings.

There are also some currently available games that will soon be receiving VR support soon after the PlayStation VR becomes available. Such games include "Driveclub" and "Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward," according to Alphr. Fans of those games will undoubtedly want to see what they will be like when played via VR headsets.

On top of the games mentioned here, there are still plenty of other titles coming to the PlayStation VR this year, so fans will be able to pick and choose from a variety of options.