Take the World Backup Pledge on March 31, 2015

It wasn't long ago when TV’s most famous fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, lost her entire novel when her computer suddenly crashed? After years of laboring over her book, all of Carrie’s hard work suddenly vanished in a flash. Even in 2008, Carrie’s friends were utterly dumbfounded when she claimed that she had never heard of data backup. Really, Carrie? She tried to blame everyone in New York for not sharing information about data backup, but the bottom line was that her novel was lost forever.

Why Backing Up Your Data is Important

Unfortunately, Carrie Bradshaw is not entirely alone in her backup negligence. Recent statistics have shown that 30% of all computer users have never backed up their data. That’s an alarming number considering that 29% of all computer disasters are caused by simple accidents. Combine this with the fact that every week 140,000 hard drives crash;  every minute 113 smartphones are lost or stolen;  and each month 1 in 10 computers becomes overrun with viruses. Disaster can be averted when you have a reliable backup solution in place, because your irreplaceable family photos, critical business files, videos and important financial documents are safely stored elsewhere.

How Does Backup Work?

In the simplest of terms, a backup solution creates a second copy of your data and stores it on another device. When selecting a backup solution, there is a wide array of choices that generally fall into one of two categories: external storage devices or cloud-based services. Within these two very broad categories, there are many backup solutions to choose from depending on the degree of protection and security that is needed.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Without a Backup!

Backing up your computer data is such an important responsibility that a worldwide “awareness” day has been created. March 31, 2015 is World Backup Day, so mark your calendar, make a commitment and take the pledge. Make a pact with your friends, family and co-workers and take the backup pledge together on FacebookTwitter or via the website.

The pledge states: “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

Every Day is Backup Day

Nobody wants to become Carrie Bradshaw, the author of a book that entirely vanished because she didn’t have a backup solution! March 31st is the official backup day, but in reality it’s something that should be part of your daily technology strategy.

Computer Troubleshooters can help you understand appropriate protection needs for your data. Call Computer Troubleshooters today and one of their technology professionals can help you establish a reliable backup system for your home or business.