Rethink Hyperspeed: Don't settle for slow performance

We all know the trials and tribulations of a slow computer. They can be frustrating. If it’s a PC you see the spinning progress circle often and if it’s a Mac you see the beach ball/ spinning pinwheel way too much. This is usually a result of when the Hard Disk Drive inside your machine begins showing signs of severe fragmentation and overwork, or just flat out physical component failure. This is a very common occurrence. A hard disk drive (HDD) is basically a tiny, fine tuned, record player in a 2.5″ or 3.5″ box. It is a precision piece of machinery and after enough time spinning at rapid speeds and dealing with inherent shock (as well as accidental shock), the motors that spin the interior parts wear out and eventually quit working. You may not realize it, but a dying hard drive is almost always directly correlated with the slow speed of your computer. Meaning, the worse shape your hard drive is in, the slower your computer will run.

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Never fear though, we can help! Rethink is happy to announce our Hyperspeed service. We can perform an upgrade to your existing desktop or laptop, in many cases making it faster than the day you bought it. We can fix your slow machine!! HDD replacements are great. Replacing a HDD with an SSD is even better. SSD stands for solid state drive. Simply put, it offers the same functionality as a mechanical HDD, however, it has no moving parts (nomotor or spinning discs) therefore it does not degrade in speed or performance over time the way a Hard Drive Does. In addition, out of the box read/write speeds are exponentially faster. They rule. We can fix your slow computer with one of these bad-boy SSDs and your slow machine will fly. Your tortoise computer would become the hare. Get your machine sped up today and save money – read below for the details.

Give us a call at Rethink so we can talk about your way-too-slow computer. Use the phrase "I NEED HYPERSPEED". Doing so lets us know that you read this post. If you do, we will give you a 10% Discount on the Upgrade!