What to expect from Apple's iPhone launch..

We are rounding the corner to the Apple iPhone event, and with all the buzz surrounding the launch, details, rumors and speculation abound. While wild rumors have flown around for months, the closer we get to the actual launch, details become more clear. So we figured we would round up the things we know and are almost positive of.

- Apple will release a new iPhone, that is a given. Possibly 2 of them. While we can only speculate on the units, industry reports from manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers, pictures, patent filings, and videos provide almost concrete evidence their will be a 4.7" and a 5.5" iPhone. A Chinese leaker released photos and video that reportedly show off a fully functional 4.7-inch iPhone, and while this may just be pre-production hardware, but we feel that it is regardless the genuine product.

- Sapphire Glass: This is a given. For the home button and the camera lens at least. Apple has been using the material in these components since the iPhone 4. However, speculation that the the iPhone 6 will use sapphire for the screen appears to have been highly exaggerated according to a very well informed and historically accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

- Mobile Payments: Apple has made it clear over the last year that they want in on the mobile payments business, and they steps they have been taking certainly make that abundantly clear. Apple is reportedly in talks with Amex to partner for a next generation reliable and secure mobile payments system. The fact that this partnership is with Amex suggests the seriousness of their intent, as Amex is famed for their reputation for high security, high standards, and uncompromising attention to detail. They are not the kind of card services provider that would make this sort of play without a real, tangible long term plan for making something revolutionary. In addition, Apple has established an agreement with CVS and Walgreens pharmacies, giving Apple several high volume retail partners to start their new system with.

- iWatch: The consensus is that Apple will be showing off their smartwatch at the very special event, even if nobody can agree on the street date for the wearable. The focus appears to be on using the technology as a wellness and fitness tracker; although with talk of wireless chargingflexible OLED screens, and NFC support for Apple’s potential mobile payments system, the smartwatch could be packing in a lot of technology into a small space.