Keeping your Devices Secure on Vacation

Keeping your Devices Secure on Vacation

It's summer. Time for sun, sand, water, fun, and sharing the experience with the world. But staying secure is important. So we figured it was a perfect time to share some tips to staying secure while staying connected on vacation. First off, we need to warn you that the security solutions that you use on your devices while you’re on vacation are only as good the extra precautions you take. To come home with only happy memories and not the need for laptop repair, Springfield residents should practice the following vacation tips.

Protecting Your Devices against Theft While Traveling

  • Backup your data before leaving. Backup your data onto an external hard drive or a cloud storage solution so you don’t suffer a total loss if a device gets stolen or infected with a bug.
  • Keep it out of sight. Many in-room hotel safes are large enough to store laptops and other electronic devices. Use them. While traveling in a car, place your devices in the trunk before you arrive to your destination if you don’t plan to use them.
  • Use anti-theft software. Available for all devices, anti-theft software allows you to remotely track, lock and/or wipe the data on a device if it’s lost or stolen. Tools like Prey, Bitdefender, LoJack & Find my iPhone all provide great tools for guarding against theft. 

Protecting Your Devices against Malware and Viruses While Traveling

  • Keep your antivirus software updated. Double-check that the antivirus and malware programs on your devices are up to date with the latest definitions.
  • Don’t update your laptop’s OS. Today’s cyber-criminals may access a hotel’s Wi-Fi to send you bogus alerts about needing to update your operating system. The “update,” however, may really be malware or a virus.
  • Don’t use just any free Wi-Fi network. Free Wi-Fi networks are teaming with wrongdoers waiting for you to connect. When you travel, only use Wi-Fi connections that have a WPA2 encryption. These connections usually make you enter a password before you can access the Web. When in doubt, only use a cellular connection to access the Internet.
  • Switch it off. As you travel, switch off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared and any other options that allow you to connect to the Internet or other devices.
  • Use password protection and encrypt all your devices. If someone steals one of your devices, encryption and password protection will make it harder for them to access your data.

Be smart about how you use your devices to preventing a burdensome computer repair. Springfield computer repair shop Rethink Associates is happy to help if you have any questions about protecting your data and personal information.