Reset the Net.... Have you Heard?

Computer repair store clients have many questions about the government’s and National Security Agency’s (NSA) ability to spy on their Internet habits. Rethink wants you to know that if you are concerned about your privacy, the Reset the Net campaign can help.

Reset the Net’s Solution

Thanks to those who aren’t afraid to speak up, the public learned that NSA uses security weaknesses in the Internet to spy on people around the world. To address this issue, the non-profit group Fight for the Future launched Reset the Net on June 5, 2014, a campaign aimed at stopping mass surveillances with Privacy Pack tools that the public can use on their computers and mobile devices. Reset the Net is also helping website owners add SSL, HSTS and PFS protection to their sites, enhancing the privacy of their visitors.

Reset the Net Participants

Several companies are already on board with the Reset the Net campaign and have added tools to their sites that protect your privacy and security. Some of these companies include:

How to Get Involved

Participating in Reset the Net is simple. You can sign a petition proclaiming your wish for all mass government surveillance to end on the Privacy Pack page. (

You can also download the Privacy Pack’s suggested apps to your mobile devices and computers to keep your instant messages, phone calls and location private. These apps include ChatSecure, Cryptocat, Pidgin and Tor.

Portland computer owners with questions about Reset the Net or those who need help installing Privacy Pack apps should never hesitate to contact Rethink Associates.