Summer of Fear: 5 rides that will scare you to death this summer

VERRÜCKT (Greman for INSANE) -  Schlitterbahn  Water Park

VERRÜCKT (Greman for INSANE) - Schlitterbahn  Water Park

Summer is coming soon. And that means sun, fun, baseball games, picnic, floating and of course, Theme Parks. A summertime tradition for hundreds of millions around the world, theme parks offer us the opportunity to laugh, play, consume ten of thousands of calories and then risk puking it all back up on crazy, death defying rides that test our bravery and sphincter muscles alike. 

No self respecting ride warrior goes to a theme park without putting their bravery to the test on the scariest ride in the park. And these 5 are guaranteed to make you squeal, scream and possibly crap your pants. 

Ride: Skyscreamer

Location: Six Flags New England - Agawam, MA

It's a swing. High up. I know what you are thinking. "They have a Skyscreamer in St Louis." That's true. But the St Louis version is 236 ft high. The newest Skyscreamer, at the New England Six Flag, will be 409 ft in the air. At over 400 ft in the air, it is the tallest swing ride in the world. 


Location: Six Flags Great America - Gurnee, IL

This wooden behemoth, with it's 180 ft drop at 85 degrees, has earned itself the crown is the steepest, fastest wooden roller coaster with the longest drop. It's fast, furious and creakingly scary. 

180 feet of sheer drop. 


Location: King's Island, - Mason, OH

Don't let it's purple and pink color scheme fool you. At 4,124 ft, this demon is the longest inverted coaster in the world. Add the seven inversions, including a spiral and a g-roll, and you have one hell of a ride. 


Location: Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

Nestled into the center of Kingda Ka, which is already the Tallest roller coaster in the world with the longest drop, Zumanjaro aims to bring the feeling of weightlessness to the extreme. The ride consists of three free fall drop attractions mounted across the front of Kingda Ka. Each floorless gondola seats 8 riders, raising them up the the height of 415 feet, high enough to see the city of Philadelphia 52 miles away. Once at the top, the riders are dropped, reaching a lunch tossing terminal velocity of 90 mph in the race to the ground. 


Location: Schlitterbahn Water Park - Kansas City, Kansas

Get ready for the most harrowing and terrifying ride of the bunch. Grab 3 friends, and hop in a raft together. Forget the feeling of security on a roller coaster. In this new water ride, 4 riders will man a raft 17 stories in the air, and take the death defying plunge at speeds in excess of 65 mph, only to shoot back up 5 stories before dropping again. All in a raft that is sliding all over a water filled track. Yeah. A 17 story tall water ride taller than Niagra Falls.