Why the Galaxy S5 is the best, and why you shouldn't buy it.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, it was with much hullabaloo and ceremony. With massive media promotion and hype leading up to an extraordinary if not odd launch event, the Galaxy S4 was to be the phone that put all others to shame. Once in the hot little hands of reviewers and consumers however, the swift tide of complaints and unmet expectations washed away much of the glitz and sparkle. What we were left with in reality was a very capable phone that was loaded down with many unnecessary features and bloatware that almost made getting the most out of the phone's real shining points almost impossible. 

Samsung, never deterred from their mission to dominate the market, learned from the experience, and apologized to the public, promising that the Galaxy S5 would be a return to basics and core features, with a focus on the most important areas: Screen, Functionality and Usability.

The Galaxy S5 is here, and if the worldwide press is to be trusted, Samsung delivered on that promise. The Galaxy S5 is by all accounts, every bit the phone Samsung promised, faster, better, less cluttered and intuitive. Though the S5 seems to be more of an evolution of the S4 than it is a whole new phone, improvements are seen in almost every category except the Galaxy S Series' Achilles heel: A Mediocre Camera in Low Light and that tiresome plastic shell. That hasn't kept the media from going crazy about how incredibly good the phone is. What makes it so good?

1. The Screen

Having been put through the paces and compared to everything on the market right now, the Galaxy S5 has come away with the coveted title of having the "Best Smartphone Display on the Market". Best viewing angles, crisper, clearer and brighter than any screen on the market. 

2. IP67 Water Resistance Rating

Having been tested in bowls, glasses of water, a margarita and even in a bowl of jello overnight, the water proofing is getting a thumbs up all around. 

3. Ultra Power Saving Mode

Making the last 10% of phone battery last for up to 24 hours is a feat. And having been put through the paces, it comes out a major winner. See the very detailed review of the feature HERE

4. Processor

Simply the absolute fastest phone on the market, PERIOD. 

5. Insane WiFi Speeds

The Galaxy S5 has Broadcom’s new 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO WiFi chip — the first time that 2-stream 802.11ac has come to a smartphone. Meaning that, when used with a Wireless AC Router or access point, the Galaxy S5 can download over WiFi faster than any other phone on the market by an EXCESSIVE margin. 

So the Galaxy S5 has a lot going for it as a phone. It is the best Galaxy phone ever made. The problem is, it is about to be met by the launch of the HTC One M8, a phone with almost identical hardware, and a solid aluminum body. The Galaxy S5, plainly put, is too little too late. This is the kind of hardware Samsung should have put into the S4. And to make matters worse, it is launching just prior to Qualcomm releasing the newest generation of the fastest mobile processors ever, the Snapdragon 808 and 810. These two 64 Bit powerhouses will be in phones next year. It almost seems foolhardy to invest in a new mobile phone that is little more than an improvement on an existing model, just before the launch of several new and amazing processors. 

The Galaxy S5, with all of it's benefits, is just not a revolution in hardware advancement. It is the next step up, not new technology. Pretty or not, I say wait for next year. 2015 is going to be a Doozy.