Titanfall: The best looking game on the 360

Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is a gorgeous game. A truly beautiful, fluid experience. And as a recent videos posted online show, it looks almost exactly like it's Xbox One counterpart. I know, you are saying, "It's supposed to isn't it? It's supposed to be as close of an experience as possible." That's very true. But when we are talking about Titanfall, the game that was supposed to be the reason to buy an Xbox One. The "System Seller". And in it's own right, Titanfall is an absolutely, fantastically fun, engaging and just plain FUN game. It is worth every single spent on it by gamers. However, with such minute difference between the Xbox 360 and XBO versions, can you really call it a "System Seller"? Are people really ready to invest in an XBO for just slightly better textures and framerate than the 360 version? Having watched a number of these pre-release copies in motion, and looking at screenshots, I can't imagine the small differences in the XBO version warrant it's $500 price tag. But hey, I am not rolling in spare cash. See for yourself.