Countdown to the End of Windows XP - April 8th.

Back In 2002, Microsoft unveiled its official Support Lifecycle Policy that was based on years of detailed customer feedback. Among that feedback, the predictability of Microsoft's support services was cited as a very important issue for Microsoft’s customers. Microsoft responded immediately by alerting customers many years in advance that the XP operating system and Windows 2003 have an “end of life” date scheduled to end on April 8, 2014. Though XP and Windows 2003 have been very popular, Microsoft will no longer support these products at all after the April 8th deadline. This information has been well-publicized by Microsoft and through media outlets for many years. Despite that, there are still over 600 million worldwide XP users and it meaning many have chosen to simply ignore these repeated notifications, whether to save money or out of a dislike for change. At this point, with the extensive media coverage, those who still have Windows XP based systems fall into two groups: Those who are willing to take their chances using Windows XP after support ends, and those who don't know about the deadline. Do you fall into one of these two groups?