Samsung Galaxy S5 Video paints uninspiring picture of new flagship

Samsung released a new teaser video for the Galaxy S5, and I came away with several observations. The clip-motion video is filled with quick glances of 1/2 a second each, flashing a word accompanied by the number 5. While interesting to watch, the video does not paint an image of the sleek new phone we are all hoping for. The video flashes a number of words to describe the phone, including wet, alive, fit, selfie, flip, outdoor, speed, pray, free, family, connect, etc. Where it gets interesting is where they chose to place the pauses. They create dramatic pauses at the words "Wet", "Outdoor" "Alive"(Featuring kids jumping off a pier into WATER again.. The focus on Outdoor, Water, Caves, Cliffs, Jumping, and the like paints the picture of a ruggedized, rubber covered and waterproof phone, and all these things are the opposite of sleek, simple and svelte, which are all the things everyone is hoping the Galaxy S5 to be. Samsung has been talking a back to basics design philosophy for the S5, with a focus on the Display, and the FEEL of the phone. Most have interpreted that to mean a new premium material like aluminum and a new, higher density screen. We will see on Monday, but this new video does not inspire confidence.