Amazon: The World's EVERYTHING marketplace...

Michael Aldrich would be in shock. The man who invented Online Shopping would never have conceived that his idea would one day completely revolutionize the way people purchase goods and services today. The most recent studies have shown that over 80 percent of internet users admit to having purchased at least one thing from an online source. With reasons varying from this are mere convenience to almost limitless choices.

However, with all those choices, new challenges arise. The impersonal nature of shopping from a website instead of in person raises the risks for fraud, potentially defective items, errors in shipping, delivery, breakage and so on.. So finding an online retailer with an established reputation for handling these situations well becomes paramount. We need a store with a solid reputation for a great website that is easy to navigate, quality items, amazing selection, stellar customer service, fast shipping, and even better return, exchange and replacement policies. The world found that answer in 

Since 1995, Amazon has given the world access to the largest selection of goods available anywhere in the world.  With no exact accounting of the number of items available, current estimates hover around 160 million. As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon sees more than 80 million unique visitors every month. Current projections have Amazon's 2013 sales at $50 million. 

Types of Items Available on Amazon

With such a staggering number of items, Amazon has products to offer in almost any category you can imagine. The most popular product categories are:

Books: Many forget that Amazon started out as a book distributor, selling both new and used books.  Most of Amazon's books are sold at only a fraction original MSRP. (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). And since their selection has increased exponentially since inception, they have the widest selection of books available anywhere in the world. 

Electronics: Every week sees the introduction of many new and exciting electronics and tech devices. So it should come as no surprise that one of Amazon's most popular product categories is electronics. Almost any consumer tech product you can dream up can be found in Amazon’s extensive catalog, including computers, home entertainment and mobile devices.

Ebooks: With the runaway success of the Amazon Kindle, it's only natural that the world's Amazon offers an almost overwhelming selection best selling books in electronic format. These books can be read on either the Kindle or another comparable tablet.

Amazon Prime

Being a world class retailer is only the beginning. In the incredibly competitive world of the internet, you have to continually find better ways to provide value to your customers. And Amazon is a master of providing value. Introduced in 2005, Prime provides a number of benefits to customers: 

Videos: Prime members can stream over 41,000 different movies and television shows directly to stationary and mobile devices. All of Prime's content is offered On-Demand. 

Books: Prime customers also have access to hundreds of thousands of book titles that you can read from your Amazon Kindle, absolutely free. Books from all different genres with more than enough to satisfy any avid book reader’s needs.

Shipping: Offering free, two-day shipping for any purchase made on Amazon has been Prime's main selling point. Shoppers need only look for the Prime symbol next to the items to identify Prime eligible purchases. 

Finding an online retailer that offers the level of quality products, fast shipping, amazing return policies and great prices is truly the pinnacle of Online Shopping. Amazon has truly created a masterful experience that has yet to be even matched, let alone beat.