Maintenance vs. Malware..

We have seen a huge increase in calls pertaining to.. "I have a virus". First off in all my years doing this, I have never seen a computer with just one virus, it is usually multiple viruses, malware, adware and all sorts of bad stuff that take your computer down.

Lately, many with proxy connections problems, Google Chrome problems, and advertising / error popups all over the screen. Malicious browser extensions, and rogue toolbars are usually what cause the browser connection problem.

The longer you let your computer go without removing the viruses, the more damage that is usually done to your computer, the operating system, your irreplaceable data files, your identity, your finances (if you bank or order online), and the computers hardware. The longer you allow these viruses to infect and multiply on your system, it is very likely the repair will cost more either by repair or replacement.

Viruses make the computers hardware work harder, a computer that is working harder runs hotter, and slows down in performance. This excessive heat, and extra work, puts a strain the hardware (motherboard, the electronics, and hard drive). Computer hardware failure, shortened life span is the end result of an overworked computer by viruses & malware.

Anti virus programs like Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Eset Nod32 anti virus are the better programs (my own personel experience and opinion), what I recommend. Again, keep in mind, not all are 100% bullet proof. Free anti virus programs only provide basic protection. Real anti virus protection starts with the computer user, yourself and any others that USE YOUR computer. And how you use the internet, what you use it for, what links you are clicking on etc. And how well you perform regular maintenance and scan your computer with specific malware scanners, periodically.

When or if looking for Anti Virus software reviews, keep in mind most of the review sites are being paid by AV program developers to rank there programs as the "best". Remember,, money talks. Again "the best" is how YOU use, & what YOU use the internet for, and how deligent & cautious you are on the internet. Anti virus protection starts with yourself.

Whether it is "viruses - malware" related or not, a computer without regular simple maintenance either by the user or repair place, will not continue to operate properly overtime.