US Wireless customers get far from top tier service


South Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom will soon be providing 300Mbs wireless speeds to it's customers. Using an LTE-Advanced 3 band aggregation, combining one 20MHz and two 10MHz bands. Enabling residents to download the the equivalent of an 800MB movie in 22 seconds, the new format will have to be standardized for global use, and then adopted by smartphone and chip makers, a process SK said is underway. and if that wasn't embarrassing enough,  SK Telecom is actually preparing an even better 450Mbps tech to show off in February at Mobile World Congress. To give you an idea of the sheer difference in speeds compared to the US, T-Mobile touts they have the fastest LTE in the US, at 17.8Mbps. So SK Telecom's 300Mbps is roughly 17 times as fast as the fastest consumer LTE in America, making their newest 450Mbps network 25 times as fast. Keep in mind that we like to think of ourselves as the most civilized and advanced country.