Disney's Infinity..... and Beyond (Beyond an Awesome Deal that is..)

If you or your Kids are Disney fans, you have to try out Disney's Infinity. And for a limited time, Amazon is selling the Starter Kit for 20% off the retail price of $74.99, for only $59.99! 

Disney Infinity is divided between the creation-focused Toy Box mode and Play Set mode, which offers a series of open-world platforming challenges. Gameplay is driven by sculpted figures that sit atop a USB-powered base. Characters that are placed on the base are given life in-game, complete with familiar animations, voices, and abilities.

Toy Box mode comprises a large percentage of Disney Infinity's appeal. Starting in either a pre-built playground or a custom world, players can add terrain and all sorts of interactive elements to a non-canonical Disney universe filled with unlikely crossovers. Players can populate Aladdin's Cave of Wonders with a gang of Muppets, for example, or they can place Disneyland's Haunted Mansion next to Epcot's Spaceship Earth. Even if you have minimal knowledge of Disney movies and characters, you're bound to find a favorite among Toy Box's offerings, and mixing legacy Disney characters with modern-day faces has an unquestionable appeal.

Those who enjoy structureless sandbox games will get the most out of Toy Box mode, but its sheer breadth of content will win over pretty much anyone. Even if you lack the imagination or patience to create a world within Minecraft, Toy Box mode eases the creative process, making it a cinch to craft racetracks, platforms, and various oddball tributes to Disney's legacy. We have a blast playing together at our home, and the game can be a real bonding experience.