Geek Gifts 101

We are winding down to Christmas! And here are a few great Geek gifts not to miss!!



Don't underestimate the value of an external hard drive as a gift, as it can be a lifesaver for those with valuable data. If you know someone who needs that extra peace of mind, we'd recommend Western Digital's 4TB My Book drive. For less than $200, you're buying a fast USB 3.0 disk with enough space to back up just about everything on a typical computer. It's not as exciting as other gifts here, but trust us -- the lucky recipient will likely thank you later.

Key specs: 4TB hard drive, USB 3.0 interface, Mac and Windows compatibility, Dropbox integration, hardware encryption support.

Price: $160 (for 4TB) from Western Digital



You don't need to spend thousands for a studio setup in order to start churning out some quality beats and rhythms anymore. Teenage Engineering created this portable and versatile OP-1 Synth with both the budding producer and seasoned professional in mind. The unit includes a selection of synthesizers, sequencers, effects and recording and tape-edit capabilities, all in a slick package. It's perfect for live performances -- just ask Reggie Watts -- and it will save you a bundle on roadies.

Key specs: Multiple synthesizer engines, effects and sequencers; USB MIDI controller (Mac/PC); tape editing; four-track mixer; up to 24-minute recording time; AMOLED display; mini speaker; three-axis accelerometer.

Price: $849 from Teenage Engineering



Why spend a fortune when you can please any Geek with a great Star Wars gift. This R2 Unit comes with 2 USB Charging ports rated at 2.1 Amps each, so it has enough punch to power two high end phones like Galaxy S4 and HTC One MAX Devices, or even Tablets.  No need to go to Tosche Station.

Price: $49.99 from Think Geek


When the weather outside is frightful, the glow of our TV is so delightful. Whether we're playing as Mario, Chell, Commander Shepard, or Pac-Man, video games are the sure-fire way to make us shake with laughter like a bowl full of (ochre) jelly.

This set includes four ornaments inspired by our favorite video gaming systems. We don't need to tell you what they are because you'll know it by looking at them and we don't want to insult your geek cred. Hang 'em on your Christmas tree or anywhere you need the good cheer of old school gaming.

Price: $7.99 from Think Geek



We see so many yummy things being made with our various ice trays. What would you make with this tray? Ice cubes are a start, and easy. Anybody can make ice. But then, maybe use some candy melts and make a sugary blue TARDIS and three red Daleks to chase it around the time-space of your kitchen? What's that you say? The mold makes three TARDISes? Well, yes, but you had to eat two, right? How else are you going to get the energy to play make believe?

Freeze yourself some tiny TARDISes and Daleks with the Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray. Each silicone tray contains three TARDIS molds and three Dalek molds. Use the tray for ice, candies, tiny cakes, Jell-O, anything you want! It's freezer and oven safe. Once you're done making a delicious mess, toss it in the dishwasher. It's that simple!

Price: $12.99 from Think Geek



I WANT. If you're looking to impress potential clients and colleagues from around the galaxy, this business card case is a must-have. After all, no one respects an intergalactic crime lord who prints his business cards at home on perforated paper. You throw some credits at a good graphic designer and then some quality cardstock and the respect (and dancing Twi'leks) will follow.

What appears to be a solid block of carbonite containing a tiny Han Solo is actually a spring-loaded case that holds a dozen business cards. This case is classy enough for the board room and geeky enough to make your convention contacts squee gleefully. This is the case you're looking for! Grab one, then go about your business. Move along.

Price: 13.99 from Think Geek




Decal Girl sends its nod of approval to simpler, 8-bit times with a Nintendo-themed skin for your brand spankin' new PS4. The decals are thin, yet tough enough to protect the system from minor scratches, and promise both bubble-free application and, should you ever experience sticker remorse, residue-free removal. The Nintendo skins come in either a high gloss clear finish, similar to that of automotive paint, or a matte/satin finish that eschews glare and fingerprints. Battlefield 4, say hello to your new launch pad. Hey! I don't want to hear it. NES was good enough for a scrappy pair of Italian plumber brothers, and NES is good enough for you.

Price: $29.99 from Decal Girl