Which Laptop brands are most likely to fail you?


Holiday 2013 Laptop Advice

Laptop Failure rates are always something you should consider when making a buying decision. Laptops endure a great deal of stress due to their small form factor, limited airflow and being transported. So when you make the decision to buy one, it is important to know who has a reputation for making the most reliable laptops. Thankfully, extended warranty service provider SquareTrade has compiled a list of manufacturers and ranked them on their rate of failure. The study, which looked at failure rates over the course of three years, found that Asus' electronics broke the least often (followed very closely by Toshiba) and  HP had over a 1 in 4 chance of failure. 

  1. Asus: 15.6%
  2. Toshiba: 15.7%
  3. Sony: 16.8%
  4. Apple: 17.4%
  5. Dell: 18.3%
  6. Lenovo: 21.5%
  7. Acer: 23.3%
  8. Gateway: 23.5%
  9. HP: 25.6%

Take a look at the entire report HERE. Knowledge is power, and this kind of knowledge can prevent you from making major buying mistakes that you may later regret. .