Macy's tracks user to offer Discounts, thanks Apple for the ability..

Macy's is now testing the use of low energy Bluetooth to push targeted ads to customers based on their location in their stores. For example, as you walk by the handbag section, your iPhone goes off to show you they are running a special of $50 off any Coach handbag with the purchase of a matching wallet. Using the BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy software called iBeacon in iOS7, Macy's is aiming to personalize and improve the buyer experience in their stores. iBeacon is a location-aware, context-aware, small wireless sensor beacon that pinpoints your location in a store. From there iBeacons could send you personal notifications of items around you that are on sale or items you may be looking for. It can even enable payments at the point of Sale (POS) such that you don’t need to remove your wallet or card to make a payment. While this is only a trial right now, if it does well, Macy's will most likely roll this out to all their stores.