XP Support ends in April, is your business prepared?

Starting in April, Microsoft will end support of Windows XP. In preparation for this discontinued support, they are warning both businesses and consumers that continuing to use Windows XP after April 14th could result in serious problems. One of the main concerns for customers running Windows XP is they will no longer be able to receive critical security updates. Without those security updates, you are left wide open to attackers. Senior program manager at the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Holly Stewart warns that businesses slow to migrate to Windows 7 or Windows 8 could be strapped with implementing costly security measures, and consumers could be exposing themselves to data thieves and other activity.

Microsoft's latest Security Intelligence Report points out some of the risks associated with running unsupported software. One of the particular issues pointed out by Stewart is that data execution prevention, one of the newer threat deterrent technologies Microsoft employs, is frequently bypassed in Windows XP. In addition, it's validated that Windows XP systems have a significantly;y higher infection rate, and that XP users are six times more likely to be infected than Windows 8 users. 

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