YouTube announces the first YouTube Music Awards

In a move far more interesting and compelling than the modern MTV Music Awards, YouTube has announced November 3rd will be the first ever YouTube music awards, a fan powered awards show based on the thriving YouTube music community. YouTube says they will be based on the most watched and shared content on YouTube over the past year.

Leading up to the November 3rd Live Stream event, Things kick off on October 17th when the nominations are announced. The Google powered event will be headlined by Lady Gaga, Eminem and Arcade Fire as well as YouTube-made artists like Lindsey Stirling and CDZA., and in keeeping with YouTube’s global presence, the ceremony will also include live acts from Seoul, Moscow, London and Rio de Janiero. YouTube has even tapped Spike Jonez as the creative director. 

This could indeed an incredible way to showcase and open potential opportunities for indie talent who previously only shared a moderate following on YouTube. Bein completely community and viral driven, thew show should bring a fair deal of additional traffic and eyes to artists many of us may not ever have heard of before.